Best Seasons for yoga treks in Nepal

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Best Seasons for yoga treks in Nepal

Nepal is a beautiful landlocked country with an attractive creation of the gigantic Himalayas, heritage temples, charming hill villages, and breathtaking panoramas views. It empowers you to enjoy nature's beauty, create power and endurance, learn about distinct cultures and provide you with unforgettable travel experiences.

Nowadays, Yoga Treks in Nepal is getting very famous because of the diversion and comfort of the brain and body that trekkers get. Joining yoga and reflection alongside the trek, you will get a momentous involvement in the Nepal Himalayas. But you have to decide before trekking which is the best season for yoga treks in Nepal.

Nepal has 4 seasons. These seasons have their individual climate conditions. Trekking in the summer and winter seasons may be dangerous in some areas. Therefore, autumn and spring season would be a much safer and relaxing trek for many trekkers.

(September - November) Autumn Season

Among the four seasons, Autumn is considered the best season for Yoga treks in Nepal as the weather is perfect with a clean and refreshing fresh air environment. The view of the beautiful mountains became more clear. During this month, the climate will bein neutral it's neither warm nor cold. the warm and cool air makes the vibrant atmosphere more enjoyable while walking. In this season the most significant Nepalese big festive of Dashain and Tihar are celebrated. Therefore, Autumn is regarded to be one of the best season for trekking with fantastic weather and mountain views. For all trekking areas, this season is appropriate.

(March-May) Spring Season

Spring refers to the concepts of regeneration, rejuvenation, renovation, resurrection, and regeneration. The flowers begin to bloom high in the hills, particularly lovely rhododendrons after the end of harsh winter in the snowy mountain slopes to enchant your eyes and pictures. The temperature is quite mild and generally good views of the mountains make for an outstanding experience to spring trekking in this season. Hence, the spring season is really suitable for trekking.

(December-February) Winter Season

To be based on the place which you are trekking, winter is also secure. winter season is observed for occasional snowfall, and at greater altitudes. In the greater altitudes, trekking can be challenging as the path can be covered with snow. Exceptional wind and freezing temperatures are also in danger. So winter trekking is only recommended in the lesser altitudes (up to 3500 m). there are some of the best trekking places like Panchassee, Sirubari, Sikles, and Poon at this moment.

(June - August) Summer Season

Summer Season in Nepal falls in the month of June, July, and August which is the really sunny and rainy season as Nepal naturally encounters six seasons rather than four. This season is the favorite season to trek in the rain shadow zones like Jomsom, Manang or Lower and Upper Mustang which stay dry for the majority of the year but the ordinary treks like Panchassee and Poon Hill or Annapurna Base Camp are best kept away from in this season because of low cloud darkening the mountain sees, muddy, humid, and infested with leech. 


Find out the best seasons for yoga treks in Nepal Through this blog. Travel to Nepal and experience the greatest trekking as well as the most amazing paths blessed with affection, warmth, and spirituality.


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