Few Things To Know Before You Do Wellness Trek In Nepal.

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   Few Things To Know  Before You Do Wellness Trek In Nepal.

 Nepal has always become a dream land for the people who love nature and it’s mesmerizing beauty.  As it has lots of natural varieties which will make you feel like heaven in the Earth. Nepal is the hub for tourist as its main source of income is through the tourism. Lots of people around visit Nepal during their leisure  period to spend some quality time with their family and friends .

 Here are lots of places where you can chill and hang out many scenic place,  mostly Nepal is famous for the Mountains, Here is the most highest peak in The world that is Mount Everest. Likewise other mountains like Ganesh Himal, Langtang Himal, Dhaulagiri Himal and many more. Trekking  through this mountains is most popular among the tourist from inside the country and outside the country.  October November is the best time to visit this place for trekking. The climate will be most favourable  at this time and neither cold nor hot but we cannot predict the weather condition because it will not always be same here .

Therefore, here are some points which will give you some kind of information before you plan to trek in Nepal.

Don’t Trek in Nepal alone

Yes, indeed Nepal is a place where you feel like coming home how much you know the place still you are unaware about it because we cannot predict the climate and place if we are new. If you are planning to trek through the help of google map then you are doing a great mistake because you will be new here and if you don’t know Nepali language then it will create  you in trouble because most of the native people do not understand even Nepali language and it will be difficult to communicate. You may get lost between the thick forest . Therefore you have to take an experienced guide with you who can guide through your trekking because they are well known about the bumpy and zig jack roads and high low mountains.  Another benefits about taking guide is you can easily communicate to the locals through the guide.  He is familiar to the place you are trekking therefore there will be less chances of getting lost or any kind of accident.

Take some basic things

Before you trek to Himalayas it is the good idea to take all the stuffs which are needed for you while trekking so that you won’t feel sorry later. Some of the things like kitchen sinks which are good and needed for every season of trekking, first aid box in case of emergencies if you get injured while trek in Nepal. Water purifying because most of the Nepali drink water which is direct from the tap which may not fit to your appetite you may fall ill therefore a liquid purifier named piyush is recommended to take along with you.  Take the proper clothes with you because when you pass through the mountains the  climate is unpredictable and you don’t know when it gets snow fall or rain therefore, pack the clothes accordingly. You may not  be facilitate with shops and hotels here.


Don’t rely on maps

If you are planning to make your trek in Nepal through the  maps then you are doing absolutely wrong because maps are not always accurate here in Nepal because as weather in Nepal is unpredictable here landslide, earthquakes and floods may have changed the route and place totally for this we recommend you to take a well known guide with you.


Take a trekking poles for support

If you trek in Nepal then  don’t forget to take the trekking poles. You will not realize it in early time but after you trek some  miles then you realize the importance of trekking poles because you may suffer from the joint pains when you climb high and low steep . Therefore, trekking poles are must if you trek in Nepal.


Wear proper Shoes

It is recommended to wear proper shoes which cover your ankle while you trek in Nepal because you may suffer from ankle pain while you trek. If you ask or see the villagers wearing slippers and walking up and down then wait.. don’t just assume that why do I need boots if  they can walk why not me then it’s the most foolish thought ever because you cannot compare the villagers conditions and yours because villagers are born there and grown there they are used to the bumpy roads, high and low trails and therefore, their body can adjust in that place and most important they cannot afford the shoes as well. So wear proper boot to avoid any kind of casualities.


As you trek in Nepal inside the village you will not lack of good food because in the remote area most of the people use to do farming and there is sufficient food for you. Food price may vary from place to place but it is not that much expensive you can afford it easily . You will be served hot and good Nepali food “Dal bhat”.


At Last

Hope this point helped you somehow about trek in Nepal. People here are very humble, polite and friendly as well. Nepal is  considered as safe country but prevention is better than cure therefore, carry a good guide who will guide you very well and make your trek in Nepal a happy trek.  You will be overwhelmed by the beauty of Nepal and Nepali people. Therefore pack you bags and plan for the holiday to Nepal. Have a safe journey and good luck.









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