Why I Choose Bhutan Tour from Nepal?

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Why I Choose Bhutan Tour from Nepal?


I don't need to define or mention the beauty of Bhutan that I found in pictures online had already fascinated me. Also, that is the thing that normally persuaded me to go here in any case. Bhutan is really a beautiful country in natural as well as cultural heritage. During the Bhutan tour from Nepal, you will observe the fantastic view of snow-capped mountains, deep narrow valley and the huge forest of Bhutan.

Bhutan tour from Nepal takes you on a wonderful journey of discovery. This Unforgettable Bhutan tour from Nepal will let you experience unique mountain, cultures, and traditions that have remained untouched with modern design and trends. 

Bhutan Tour from Nepal is also a Popular package nowadays. Many people are attracted to the Bhutan tour package. If you are planning for the Bhutan tour you will get to explore ancient heritage sites, sacred temples and monasteries. In less than ten days you will get to experience a major Highlights of Bhutan Tour.

What will you Explore and discover through Bhutan Tour from Nepal?

  • Visit two remote Himalayan destinations covered up between great mountains.
  • Experience unique indigenous cultures, and gain knowledge about Hindu and Buddhist spiritual traditions.
  • Explore places that have remained unchanged for a century.
  • Find Nepal's iconic UNESCO World Heritage Sites and Bhutan's cultural hotspot.
  • Get out to the cliffside Taktsang Monastery (Tiger's Nest), an architectural wonder.
  • Enjoy a Himalayan scene of the world's highest peaks while flying into these countries.
  • Take a hike to cliffside Taktsang monastery (Tiger Nest), an architectural wonder. 


Get the  overview of Bhutan tour from Nepal

The highlight of Bhutan tour from Nepal is the perfect introduction to this fascinating country where you will be gone a explore the wonderful view of panorama mountains, rich cultures, and traditions, ancient monasteries, and architecture which will make your trip one of the memorable and best Bhutan tours from Nepal. Here I have listed some of the main Highlight of Bhutan tour from Nepal.

  • Ta Dzong museum
  • Taktsang or Tiger’s Nest Monastery
  • Thimphu
  • Dochula Pass
  • Chimi Lhakhang
  • Arts & Crafts of Bhutan
  • Mongar and lhuntse



Final Say 

If you are planning for the best holiday packages then we Yogi's adventures group can provide you with the best Bhutan tour packages from Nepal. Every traveler want the best holiday packages so, we provide you with the best Bhutan tour package from Nepal. You will surely get amazed by the beauty and the nature of Bhutan.

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