Why Trekking In Nepal Is Best?

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Why Trekking In Nepal Is Best?

Have you ever experienced Trekking in Nepal? if you haven't experienced, at that point you are genuinely missing out a major opportunity! Not only is it a beautiful experience. The land of the Himalayas, Nepal presents a wonderful trekking experience that is amazing. From the Himalayan Landscapes to the rich cultural atmosphere, trekking in Nepal is really an amazing experience. Nepal has attracted trekkers from around the world which is really a good plus point for the tourism industry of Nepal. Trekking has been the main attraction of tourists in Nepal, Nepal the country of natural beauty, mountains, Himalayas, culture, religion these all things make our country more beautiful and outstanding.

Trekking In Nepal

Nepal is a perfect spot for adventure, cultural experiences. You can try out trekking, mountaineering, climbs, boating, and jungle safari. Also, if you wish to take part in cultural festivals and celebrations, at that point you will enjoy your best memories. In recent years Nepal has turned into a well-known trekking destination in the world. You can enjoy the stunning treks in the same country. There are a lot of tourists and trekkers who love to trek in Nepal. Nepal itself is the main attraction for the trekking spot where you can encounter lots of natural beauties, Himalayas, mountains.

Are you looking for the best trekking Destination In Nepal?

Trekking in Nepal is totally unique today. Every year many tourists from different countries and places come to visit Nepal for the best trekking experience. Nepal is home to a number of most spectacular treks in the world. You can find different trekking destinations and spots in Nepal. The trekking itself is the most exciting, fun and adventurous trek. If you are planning for trekking in Nepal but you are not sure about the trekking destination. Then I can help you, here I have listed 3 most popular trekking destinations in Nepal. which will make you more easy to choose your trekking destination.

Everest base camp trek

  • Everest Base Camp trek

In Nepal, more than a thousand trekkers visit our country for the Everest base camp trek. Many treks through Everest have inspired countless dreams and adventures, including the visions of the highest mountain on earth to get the best taste of high mountains with pack bag and a camera in their hand to capture the best pictures of the most beautiful and highest mount Everest and incredible views of the snowy mountain peaks. Everest base camp trek is one amongst the most well-liked destination. every year more than a thousand trekkers come to Nepal for the trekking experience of the highest peak. 

Annapurna  Base Camp Trek

  • Annapurna Base Camp Trek 

Annapurna base camp trek is truly outstanding and perfect trekking route to see the high Himalayas, Including Dhaulagiri and Annapurna range and Mount Machhapuchhare and glaciers so closely. you will encounter the beautiful Himalayas, landscapes, nature, culture and carries you so near the base of 7,000 and 8,000 m high peaks in a short period of time. trekking to different places is really fun and exciting you will know the different cultures and religions of different people. their living style a lot of things which makes the trek more memorable.

Langtang Valley Trek

  • Langtang Valley Trek

 Langtang valley trek is the most highly prefer trekking destination with its best natural beauty and the best landscape. Langtang valley is known as a home for red pandas also. Langtang valley trek is the most popular trekking site for many trekkers. Many travelers choose the Langtang valley trek because of its Tibetian highlands with the most beautiful and peaceful rural landscapes. For Langtang valley trek you should walk about 5-6 hours daily which includes uphills and downhills so Langtang valley trek is really an adventurous and fascinating journey. 

Trekking Destination In Nepal

These are the three main destinations for trekking in Nepal where every year different trekkers and tourist come for the trekking experience which really benefits for us to promote our tourism industry plus Visit Nepal 2020 campaign also which is the main focus of the tourism industry.  As I mentioned above the three main trekking destinations in Nepal but there is another more trekking destination in Nepal

  • Long Trekking Destination : 

  1. Makalu base camp trek
  2. Kanchenjunga  Base Camp Trek 
  3. Manaslu Trek
  4. Lower Dolpo Trek 
  5. Upper Dolpo Trek 
  • Short trekking Destination In Nepal 

  1. Ghorepani Poonhill Trek 
  2. Upper and  Lower Mustang trek 
  3. Gosainkunda Helambu Trek 
  4. Ganja LA Pass Trek 
  5. Yoga Trek in Nepal 
  • Last but not Least 

 Discover the best trekking destination throughout this blog.There are many trekking destinations in Nepal which are very wonderful, however, including all is quite impossible. we may have missed a number of favorite trekking Destinations in Nepal. If you are planning for the trekking in Nepal then its the best place for trekking destination. Himalayan Yogi adventures are one of the finest trekking companies in  Nepal which provides the best trekking experience. 


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